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Co-founders Nick Molnar and Anthony Eisen launched Clearpay just over five years ago as an interest-free, buy-now-pay-later alternative that’s more in line with the needs and spending patterns of modern shoppers.

Customers pay in four instalments, and in most cases, with the first instalment at the time of purchase, and then the remainder is split over three instalments due every two weeks. (Customers even get a reminder when their next payment is due.)

As long as customers pay on time, they aren’t charged a single fee. And because we’ve partnered with over 48,800 retailers and brands globally, customers can use Clearpay at all the places they love to shop.

What Are The Benefits?

Clearpay isn’t a line of credit or a loan; it isn’t a financial institution that charges interest or credit checks.

Clearpay isn’t a line of credit or
a loan; it isn’t a financial institution
that charges interest or credit

Rather, it’s a budgeting tool that allows customers to spread out the cost of their purchase across a series of more digestible payments. It gives customers the flexibility to spend their own money while ensuring they’re never spending more than the actual price of the item they’re buying. Because customers are only charged if they miss a payment, they are incentivised to stay organised and accountable.

Clearpay Key Facts


In 2015, Afterpay launched in Australia

In 2016, Afterpay debuted on the Australian public market, and today is a top 100 ASX company, based on market valuation

In 2017, Afterpay hits 1 million customers and over 7,200 merchant partners as they launch in New Zealand

In 2018, Afterpay launched in the US market

In 2019, Afterpay launched in the UK market, with the Clearpay name


8.4 million customers globally, and growing

48.8k+ global retail and brand partners

Customer Satisfaction rate is high with NPS (to compare, US Banks NPS 35)

Averaging over 16k new customers per day in H1 FY20, which increased to over 22.9k during the 2019 holiday shopping period.

Customer purchasing frequency continued to grow across all markets. Increased frequency has translated to lower gross losses and higher margins

The US is now the largest active customer base at 4.4m with over 1.0m new customers acquired in the 2019 holiday shopping period

Our in-store offering in ANZ continues to grow and currently represents approximately 24% of total ANZ underlying sales and ANZ customers who joined the platform in FY15-FY17 are now purchasing at an average of approximately 23 times per annum

How we're different

We provide Millennial and Generation Z customers access to the world’s most loved beauty and fashion brands, whilst ensuring shopping is fun by seamlessly removing all of the stress.

We offer customers a responsible way to budget their spending, whilst never having to worry about hidden fees, interest or credit checks when it comes to Clearpay.​

Clearpay Core Pillars

Clearpay's global mission is to empower a more responsible economy in which everyone wins. To keep us focused on this mission, here are our guiding principles:


Teach Responsible Spending:

Unlike a traditional credit card that makes money from interest, we do everything we can to help customers avoid late payments, including sending reminders leading up to the payment due date and an alert after a payment has failed. In helping customers to spend responsibly, we are creating a very different relationship with them than the one they might otherwise have with a credit card provider.


Take It Slow:

Clearpay customers should only ever spend what they can afford to pay back. Clearpay sets sensible initial spending limits that increase gradually as customers prove their ability to pay on time.


Keep Clearpay Free:

Clearpay makes money by charging merchants, not customers. There is never any interest, and as long as customers pay on time, there are no fees. Upholding this guarantee is paramount to us.


Happy Customers Make For Even More Happy Customers:

Clearpay has grown quickly because we have so many satisfied customers. The more people love using Clearpay, the more often they come back. And the more they tell others about Clearpay, more confidence retailers have to offer Clearpay.

What’s Next?

As Clearpay's global business looks ahead to 2020, we’re excited to continue building on the momentum we’ve seen from 2019 and early into this new decade. Reaching new customers and developing new brand partnerships are key priorities. In addition, we look forward to developing and expanding into new markets such as Canada. We also look forward to broadening our in-store offering beyond Australia into key markets such as the United States.